Thursday, November 20, 2014

Triumph Herald Hatchback Factory Prototype

Usually when we cover prototypes their usually exotic or going for the wow factor, but this one’s a little more mundane. Built in 1965 as a styling exercise this is the original “mule”, if you look closer at the pictures below you’ll notice it’s asymmetrical with two different finishes to the rear.

Following being sold to an employee in 1967 it was taken of the road in 1970 where it stood in either a damp garage or a garden until it was rescued and fully restored in 2009.

To be honest when I saw it at the recent Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, I nearly walked past it, I bet a lot of people did. The finish on it was fantastic and the fact it lasted so long just goes to show how well this factory prototype, which probably would never have been seen by the public, had been built by the craftsmen at Triumph.


  1. This was totally rebuilt from next to nothing, so Triumph build quality has little to do with the car in its current state.


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