Tuesday, January 20, 2015

De Tomaso Vallelunga Alloy Body

Now as you know De Tomaso’s are generally rare, the Vallelunga is no exception with only 53 built, however this one is really really rare. During its development 6 alloy bodied prototypes were built by Fissore. Out of those 6 cars built 3 were destroyed under instruction from Fissore and 3 were kept by De Tomaso. This is one of those remaining 3.

Now this isn’t your usual V8 powered De Tomaso like you’d expect, this was powered by a 1500cc, Kent 4 cylinder engine with twin side draft Webers. This in turn was linked to a Volkswagen gearbox from a Beetle with Hewland gears to make sure it could handle the 104bhp.

On previewing the car at the 1963 Turin Motor Show De Tomaso had hoped to sell the design but with no takers they had Ghia produce the car with a fibreglass body. There’s no denying how pretty this car is, every angle just seems so right with little detailed just waiting to be discovered.


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