Thursday, January 15, 2015

Renault 5 Turbo

Group B has a lot to answer for, mostly all good, for turning run of the mill family hatchbacks into mid-engine race fuelled supercars!!!! And the Renault Turbo s no exception.

All a manufacturer had to do was create a production version of the rally car they wanted to compete with and sell 400 examples and you could go racing. This was Renaults version (here’s another one we’ve covered before the Peugeot 205 T16) debuted to a no doubt drooling audience at the 1980 Brussels Motor Show, the Turbo was the rally car the public , if your pockets were deep enough, could own.

To be fair theres not a lot of the original car left, stripped down bodies were shipped to the Alpine factory where the oversized body and more importantly, the engine was moved to behind the front seats. Oh and that engine a 1.4ltr Turbo unit producing 158bhp (the race version ended up producing 345bhp!!!!!!) that powered the rear wheels, the original car was front wheel drive.

The initial run of 400 were all designated “Turbo” like the one below, but the car was such a sale success that the “Turbo 2” followed. Using more standard Renault 5 parts it was also cheaper and went on to sell a further 3176 examples.

I love the original the rawness of it, this huge arches and massive body kit, so of the time, the masses of turbo lag and ridiculously wide wheels. Its just awesome to see, a “hot hatch” on steroids.


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