Thursday, January 22, 2015

Vauxhall VX Lightning

The Vauxhall name though has a long and trusted reputation for building quality cars with fast versions, who can forget the Lotus Carlton or the VX220. The VX Lightening was built to celebrate the centenary of Vauxhall  back in 2003.

The Lightning was built around a Pontiac Solstice chassis, but completely re-bodied in house by Vauxhall in the UK at the GM's UK Advanced Design Studio in the Midlands. Not only that but they added the latest version of the all-aluminium 2.2ltr ECOTEC engine with a supercharger bolted to it, the result 240bhp sent to the rear wheels.

The design was to show the bold and innovative vision Vauxhall had and would bring to the brand. The choice of a roadster was interesting as Vauxhall had nothing in its line up that came close to it. Granted there was the convertible Astra, but this was a dedicated 2 seater sports car rather than a fast road car. It was even touted for production in 2005, but as history dictates this never came to reality.

I do like the details that are all over this car, the integrated rear mirror in the windscreen, those bonnet creases and vents, sculpted mirrors and side scoops. Oh and let’s not forget those flying integrated roll hoops that blend from the rear in to the headrests into the boot. It was fantastic to see this at last year’s Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show.

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