Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Conley Stinger 609, The Ultimate Boys Toy

Now we’ve all seen those YouTube links on Facebook showing what can only be described as an incredible labours of love, what am I talking about? Well those scaled working engines. Hundreds of parts redeuced down and created on lathes from blocks of metal with such dedication and skill that the detail and hundreds if not thousands of hours are a marvel to behold. Now have you ever looked at these and thought “I would love one of those?” well you can.

I came across this link to this company who will build you a variety of engines, some even come with scaled superchargers. What will give you from the diminutive power plants, well 5.5bhp. Not only that but they’ll also supply you with something fitting to put the engine in, hot rod or drag racer if either take your fancy and all remotely controlled.

I highly recommend you read the “about us” page, the dedication and catastrophic loss during development meant this engine nearly didn’t make it. And finally just listen to this thing sing-

Now as you’ll probably already have worked out, these marvels don’t come cheap, starting at just under $8,300 for an engine and topping out at $22,500 for a full car but there’s no denying these are the ultimate petrolheads boys toy, perfect for those that don’t have room for the real thing.
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