Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Ford Fiesta Tuareg

Before the term “cross-over” had been muttered there was one such vehicle in production in the late 70’s that could have carried that name, the Matra Rancho. You remember 4x4 looks but front wheel drive. Obviously Ford quiet liked the idea and set Ghia about coming up with a Fiesta based concept on similar lines.

The brief though, when you dig a little deeper, seems more set for a potential production vehicle. One key design consideration that Ford seemed to have was to use the Fiesta floor pan without any modifications, now that does sound like a “production decision” to me. Now this potentially wasn’t just playing off-roader, it had an additional roll hoop welded in as well as those off road wheels and tyres and steel tube bumpers. It was also designed to be practical, split tailgate, split rear seats, raised ground clearance, mesh over the headlights and additional roof mounted lights. There’s also that wider track and body kit to throw on, I do like the louvered bonnet, and apparently this was for additional engine ventilation so the fact it looks awesome was just a bonus then.

A great concept that was show at the 1979 Geneva Motor Show that really was ahead of its time



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