Thursday, February 5, 2015

MAN BAI Janus 4000 “Bifronte”

Tragedy usually leads to innovation to solve problems that previously were unknown. The tragic events of a tunnel fire at Mont Blanc in 1999 resulted in the creation of this fire appliance whose sole reason was to solve a problem. The problem? How to turn a fire engine round quickly in a tunnel which in an incident would likely be full of vehicles. This though is such an elegant, and as with most innovations, simple solution. Why turn it round at all!!! But this vehicle is much, much more, also providing a safe haven to firefighters to take refuge and fight a fire from. Currently there are 3 located in fire houses within the tunnel.

To read much more about the event leading up to this and fully about the vehicle itself head over to CODE3 website, it’s well worth aread.

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