Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Triumph TR7 Tracer

Coachbuilder Crayford were commissioned by a Triumph dealer, Page Motors (notice the dealer logo on the side) to convert the 2 seater TR7 into a sporting brake the Tracer was the result.

In addition to the elongated roof line and large boot area, two additional fold down seats were added, turning the car into a 2+2. Only 2 cars were built as part of the project in 1976/77. Making this one of the rarest TR7 conversions. For me it doesn’t really work, I can see the thinking behind it, at the time the Reliant Scimitar was doing really well, but the shape of the base car doesn’t lend itself to being extended, the rear windows just look awkward. In addition the Triumph factory were also looking at alternatives for the TR7 so would have offered little support.

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