Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Vespa 150 TAP

Now I’m all one for not spending money on expensive, usually over complicated, solutions to simple problems, this though has to one of either the best applications to cost saving for a military vehicle or, depending on where your looking from, one of the worst!!!!

The basic premise was to produce a light weight vehicle that would be parachuted in to an armed conflict and no doubt cause as much damage as possible. For the British this may have been the lightweight Land Rover or for the US a Jeep. France though had other ideas. To be fair this looks far more terrifying!!!!!

This wasn’t just “take a Vespa and paint it green” Ateliers de Construction de Motocycles et Automobiles (ACMA),  took a standard 150cc tw0-strike scooter then strengthened the frame to take the extra weight and then modified it to either take the very large gun or the ammunition. They were designed to work on pairs with 4 paratroopers. Now that rather large gun, a US made M20 75mm recoilless rifle designed to make holes in 100m thick armour!!!! First off although it looks awesome mounted on the bike it was never designed to be fired that way, rather it would have been mounted on a tripod. They were in active use from 1956 until the early 1960’s even having an upgrade in 1959.

Although it looks crazy, there’s no denying it does the job it was meant to do efficiently, hell if one of these was coming up a street at you you’d turn around, I know I would.

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