Friday, March 20, 2015

BMW 8 Series (E31) Convertible

The original BMW 8 Series was Bavarian maker’s supercar of the 1990’s, full of tech, luxury and of cause speed (well limited to 155mph). However a year after it first wow’d the crowds, BMW did it again in 1990 with a convertible version. Only 3 were built for assessment and all are still owned by BMW. The one in the video is on display at BMW’s own museum.

However if you had the money and the vision there was no reason not to build your own. That’s what Erik Williams, Dallas Cowboy player did to his 1991 E31creating the car below. You have to admit whoever did the conversion did a damn fine job of it, just look at the fit and flow of the soft top and how it stows away. I can’t help but think that the shape of the 8 Series really does suit this conversion.

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  1. Do you know the Name of the Company that Did this Conversion?

    Pls advise


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