Monday, March 30, 2015

Manchester Bike Show

Well on a very wet Sunday morning I headed over the Manchester Bike Show which is now its 4th year, and once again its grown in size again. As per the usual the first hall is primarily the haunt of the dealers and manufacturers, with all the big boys present as per the usual, Honda, Bimoto, Ducati, Yamaha, Royal Enfield, Triumph, Indian, Victory etc

The stand that was noticeably busy all day, to the extent of struggling to photograph some of the bikes was Kawasaki, to be fair it was a fantastic stand with its colour coordinated bikes!!!!!

 The rest of the halls though were full of clubs who turned out in force, showing everything from Velocette to Harleys and two strokes to Goldwings-







Add to that all the custom bikes from the likes of the National Chopper Club-




A stand out bike had to be the V8 powered one, a massive bike that I’ve seen driving around to local meets proving it ain't no show pony-


Also in the mix were the race teams showing everything from out and out track racers, to trikes, grass racers, drag bikes, trials and more





One bike that really did stand out, not only for its looks, it was awesome, but even more when you hear the story behind it. Built by the National Association for Bikers with a Disability, its used as a demonstrator with it having all hand controls and is designed for a disabled rider to try and adjust to suit their individual needs. I just loved the low sports bike look of it, such a change from the usual touring and Boom type trikes-


Talking about Boom, it was great to see them back this year as well as a surprise to see what one of them had lurching in that huge rear engine bay, a 2lt twin cam Peugeot unit-



Now I love getting up close and personnel with my camera as its where you can truly appreciate the time and effort put in to how the bikes are put together, I’m not just talking about custom bikes but production bikes as well.




Paint jobs, my word there were some fantastic paint jobs on display, from the subtle to the in your face-



I think the poor weather lead to a few clubs either not attending or having bikes missing, the same could also be said for the low numbers of bikes in the car park, which as we all know is part and parcel of this type of show. Either way a great show with a good mix of traders also in attendance.


You know their doing it right when it takes a good three hours to walk round and take it all in.


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