Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Oldsmobile Cutlass Jetfire

Now what feature of this car, produced from 1962, was a first? I bet being turbocharged wasn’t anywhere near the top of that list was it!!!!!

If like me you live on the east side of the Atlantic, then BMW 2002 and Porsche 911’s of the 1970’s would instantly spring to mind not a muscle car from the states with its love affair with the naturally aspirated or supercharged V8's.

So that turbo/engine, a Garrett bolted to a 215ci V8 produced 215bhp which made it the fastest in the current line up by some margin. On test it did 0-60mph in 9.2s and topped out at 110mph. However it was expensive, $300 more than the car below it and from all accounts spartan on terms of luxuries. Add to that the same soft suspension as found on its less powerful stable mates and owners forgetting to top up the turbo coolant reservoir impacted on reliability. Having said that 3765 did find owners, howwever it’s thought that only about 20 cars are still running  making it a very rare muscle car today. 

It did have a great advert to tempt the buying public in through the doors with its new technology-

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