Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Review: Steve Berry’s Speed Shop Radio Show

If you’re from around the Manchester / North West area of the UK then the sound of Steve Berry’s northern tones is how many of us wake up in the morning with his breakfast show on Real Radio XS. Most though will recognise him from his 10 year stint on Top Gear or his books and regular contribution to various papers and magazines. So there’s no denying his passion and enthusiasm for all things automotive, to be honest he just sweeps you along with it.

Well he’s started a new on-line radio show, Steve Berry’s Speed Shop on FAB Radio International, which as he says at the start “isn’t for the casually interested, this is a place for enthusiasts, we’re not afraid to be talking about carburettors and crankshafts…..” with that I knew this was going to be good.

The first show had an extensive interview with West Riding Classic’s covering the history and in depth buying guide for the trusty Morris Minor, which just drew you in. I just want to see the SoCal traveller they were discussing, with its wooden panelling and wide wheels.

Next, long term racing driver and “3 wheeler world champion” Max Wakefield discusses Race Retro and some of the cars he’s been privilege to drive from Ferrari P4’S to Lola’s and McLarens. As he said, he chose cars to compete in on their sound and looks rather than their performance, which is just a fantastic way to approach it making sure you enjoy every minute.

Greatest car count down/discussion ended up sound more like you're overhearing a conversation between mates in the pub dissecting three cars, in this case the Lamborghini Diablo, Ferrari 288GTO and the Porsche 959 , to determine which one should be put forward to the final selection out of an initial 99 super/hypercars. The enthusiasm from all the guests was just intoxicating.

I thoroughly enjoyed spending an hour listening to such a well put together and engaging radio programme that didn’t dumb anything down and talked about cars as enthusiasts rather than trying to pamper it down for, as Steve put it, casually interested. I’ll definitely be tuning in once a week to see how this show develops and get my fix of petrol derived enjoyment. The only problem I had with it was it was only an hour long!!!! Right where’s my car keys.

Listen here and enjoy-

The next show is on tonight from 7pm and every Wednesday-

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