Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mazda Roadpacer AP

With a name like that and those crisp pseudo 70’s muscle car looks you should be expecting, speed and power. Well it had one of those sort off!!!!

Okay for those down in Australia I bet you’re looking at it and saying “I’m sure that’s a Holden HJ Premier”, most of it was any way.  In the mid 70’s Mazda was in need for a large car in its domestic line-up so in 1975 Premiers were shipped to Japan, both companies came under the General Motors mantle. They were the fitted with some additional gizmos like speed activated central locking and duel control stereo for both front and rear seats, and a 1.3ltr Rotary engine producing 130bhp more that the similar Holden (hence having the power). However it had hardly anything like the torque resulting in appalling acceleration and a top speed of just 103mph. That wasn’t it only problem, let’s go back to the name or rather the last bit AP, it stood for Anti-Pollution. You may be thinking “arrhhh that’s why it’s a small engine to be more fuel efficient” errrmm no, it’s only managed a reported 9mpg. Let’s just put that in to perspective, the oils crisis was in full swing and the car had no power and only did 9mpg and was caledl the Roadpacer Anti-Pollution. Production ended in 1977 after only 800 cars had been sold, most to government departments who later scrapped them meaning that despite its problems it’s a very rare car these days.

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