Monday, April 13, 2015

Pontiac Trans Am Ram Air III Convertible

Now there are rare muscle cars from the 60’s and then there’s this. Let’s just cut to the chase, only 8 were built all in 1969, I’ll type that again only 8. Of those 8, 7 still exist.

The one below was up for auction with Mecum Auctions in 2010 and sold for $220,000. Comparing to a normal Ram Air III, depending on condition, go for between $70,000 to £140,000, which shows how desirable these 7 cars are. Okay so we know 8 were built all were Ram Air III’s, four had 3 speed automatic and the other four had 4 speed manuals. That’s about the top and tail of it, the rest of the car was the standard lower spec of the Ram Air III, with the same 400 cubic inch engine producing 335bhp and standard disc brakes up front.

Original Mecum Auction 2010 listing when it sold for $210,000-


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