Thursday, May 14, 2015

Random Picture: “Wild” Bill Gelbke’s Roadhog

I just love this picture, the way it looks like it could have been take at the turn of the century as well as the sheer size of that bike. It was however built as a one off in 1962 using aircraft specification tubing which held the 2.4ltr, 4 cylinder Chevy Nova engine with its 2 speed automatic transmission, that ran into a modified Chevy truck differential outback via a shaft drive. Add to that it was fitted with Corvette disc brakes and 4 hydraulic rams that drop down when it’s parked!!!! To get an idea of its massive size, its wheelbase is 126 inches and its turning circle 110 feet!!!!! Unbelievably despite its unwieldy size Bill covered a reported 20,000 miles within a year of completion.

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