Thursday, May 7, 2015


Built as a response to the oil embargo of the early 70’s by Bob Keyes, from 1974 until 1978, 27 were custom built in Ventura California and classed as motorcycles. The original ones were powered by Fiat 850 engines which despite the additional weight would still get 50-65mpg.

Three additional versions were also created, a high performance a police pursuit version, as you can imagine due to its lightness if was very quick, but it wasn’t picked up by the Highway Patrol. The second variant was based on the police version but offered even more power, up to 500bhp!!!!! And was called the Vigillante. The final version was a more civilised version of the Vigillante.

I really like this car, the 3 wheel set up, the single gullwing door mounted on one side, the headlights mounted in the rear wheel arches, the total lack of practicality other than that needed to enjoy the drive. A perfect combination, just wouldn’t want to go round a corner too fast, especially with one of those 500bhp variants!!!!!!

A dedicated website has been set up for these creations and it goes in to real detail about the history of the car with some fantastic behind the scenes pictures of them being created, I highly recommend you set some tone aside to take a look round-


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