Thursday, June 18, 2015

Lil Big Rig "Pete"

There must be that child in us all who would love to drive a big rig, and not some modern cab over but the iconic rigs from our youth. We’re talking Snowman’s Kenworth from Smokey and the Bandit here. But only a few of us actually have a job that justifies a truck driving licence (in the UK this is one expensive addition to get).

However if you like the style then these have to be the closest thing to driving one you can buy/build. The Lil Pete (there also a more modern looking version the Lil Kenny) looks perfect and all you need to drive one is a conventional car licence as its sat on and a donor F250/350 pickup as a base. I can hear you know asking “where do you get one of those from?”

Pete and Kenny Body Kits is where you want to head over to in the US, they’ll sell you a kit to do the conversion yourself. Now the cost, from $13k to $27k which to be honest for a bespoke and unusual vehicle isn’t that bad when you compare it to say a Mustang for similar money. I know what I’d prefer. There’s no denying it’s a perfect “small” recreation with ridiculous amounts of character, can you think of a better family wagon?

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