Friday, June 12, 2015

Gilbern Genie

This is the second offering from the Welsh manufacturer after the GT and was produced from 1966 until 1970. The Genie was a much larger 2+2 grand tourer with more chiseled modern lines. It was also more powerful than its predecessor.

The power came from either a 2.5ltr or 3ltr V6 found in the Ford Zodiac running through either a 4 speed or 4 speed with overdrive gearbox. Some were even fitted with fuel injection. They also shared some component, namely the rear axle and from suspension, with the MGC although the early ones were MGB’s. Oh and those rear lights which distinguish it from the later Invader, came from the Ford Thames Van!!!!!.

Around 200 were produced, and after seeing a fair few at the GilbernOwners Club national meet a few years ago, I was impressed with not only the build quality but also the whole styling of the car as it’s so well proportioned.

I must admit I do like it when I come across one at a classic car show.

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