Friday, July 17, 2015

Citroën GS Camargue

I saw this over on Facebook and just had to know more. Based on a bland GS, the styling house worked their magic to create this 2 door 2+2 seater grand tourer with its oh do Citroen looks blended with the, at the time, modern “wedge”.

It was debuted at the 1972 Geneva Motor Show and it must have wowed the crowds. I mean just look at it, modern my current standards with those crisp lines it’s a shame it never made it past the concept car stage and into production. Although there are some styling ques that made it on to the CX and later BX. Theres also a hint found in the Lamborghini Athon Concept from 19810. 

The pictures below seem to be the original publicity shots and show those fantastic lines-

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