Thursday, July 9, 2015

Giocattolo Group B

Giocattolo (Toy in Italian) Group B never got the chance to full fill its intended purpose, arriving after the doomed Group B had been wound up. However the story behind this car is interesting, particularly when you find out it was built in Australian.

The company was started by Paul Halstead and Formula One designer Barry Lock in 1986 when they took an Alfa Romeo Sprint and heavily modified it, adding carbon fibre and Kevlar, reinforcing the entire chassis and adding that wide kit. A number of prototypes were produced with both the cars original V6 mid mounted but also a 4 cylinder Alfa unit. However by the time the final prototype was produced and with difficulties in importing the Italian engines it was swapped for 5ltr fuel injected Holden V8 built by Holden Special Vehicles!!!!! Which allegedly could get up to 160mph.

Unfortunately only 15 (including the prototypes) were produced up to the end of the company in 1989. There’s no denying the skill and the finish of the final cars it’s just a shame they never got to compete. Oh and the price for all this speed??? $80,000 (Aus) in 1989. I suggest you read through the links below the pictures for lots more information.

Alfa Romeo Sprint-

Group B-



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