Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ford Mustang Station Wagon

A few weeks back a picture of a Mustang Station Wagon turned up on one of the Facebook pages I frequent, it was obviously an older picture but that was enough to raise my interest.

Turns out it was built by Intermeccanica, a coachbuilders specialising in custom one-offs for well to do owners. Well the J Walter Thompson Advertising Agency commissioned them to build a station wagon version of the Mustang in order to show it off to the Ford Executives in 1965. History tells that a production version was never built but this didn’t stop people wanting to build their own.

The one below was such a home build, although that is doing it a dis-service. The skill and talent shown by builder Joe Ramp, who took a 1965 Mustang as a starting point, is just phenomenal. With a custom rear hatch fabricated just showing the level of workmanship. It even had an engine upgrade to a 5.0-liter V8 paired with a T5 five-speed manual gearbox. The power being routed through an eight-inch Ford rear-end. It even had custom control arms and upgraded shocks to allow for the extra weight the new rear load area could take!!!!!

The pictures of this replica are taken from the original e-bay listing when it came up for sale in 2009-

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