Friday, September 25, 2015

Jensen S-V8

In 1998, after 18 years since a car was last produced, a new Jensen Company debuted its new 2 seater at the British International Motor Show. The prospects were good that after several revival attempts, that this time production would not only be realised but sustained thanks to a £10m grant.

All hopes were good that the 300 cars production run would happen when 110 deposits were placed for the £40,000 sports car. Production began in 2001, but a year later it ceased due to manufacturing problems after only 20 cars were built. Another 18 were left only partially completed when Jensen once again went into administration. A brief buyout by SV Automotive of Carterton, Oxfordshire saw another 12 of these partial cars finished up till 2003.

There’s no denying at the time, and even now some 17 years later, it’s still a good looking modern sports car. It also had the go that history and sleek looks promised with it being fitted with nothing else than a Ford Mustang 4.6ltr, 32-valve, four-cam, V8  producing 325 bhp with a top speed of 160 mph and 0-60 mph in less than five seconds.

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