Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Bristol Fighter

The Fighter was the last offering from the eccentric British car builder. Eccentric as if never let any journalists actually test any of it cars, including this supercar!!!!! Built between 2004 and the company folding in 2011 with an estimated 9-13 cars having been built. Bristol have never released official build numbers for its cars.

Now let’s get to those supercar credentials, its gull-winged body was penned by former Brabham Formula One engineer Max Boxstrom and the power came from the same 8ltr V10 found in the Dodge Viper. It was claimed the top speed was 220mph from either its Fighter (525bhp) or Fighter S (624bhp). There was also the T version with a potential 1012bhp, unfortunately none were built. And all would hit 60mph in 4 seconds.

There is no denying this thing has a restrained look about it with minimal wings and scoops. To be honest when I saw the one below at the recent Manchester Classic Car a lot of people were just walking by it. I do like it though, for both its complete exclusivity and not quite being sure if it really did live up to all those claims.


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