Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lamborghini Marco Polo/ Delorean DMC 24 / Lancia Medusa

Yes I know it’s a saloon from the 80’s by Giugiaro's built for Lamborghini as a possible way to go in the future. It’s bland and to be honest very boring looking for a Lamborghini concept, however the concept its self has an interesting history with a few famous names attached.

It started out life in general terms as the Lancia Medusa in 1980, which didn't see the light of day despite causing quiet a stir at the time.

The concept was then further developed by Delorean to expand its range, which at the time was only DMC 12. It was developed as a full sized model around 1981, however due to lack of funding it never went any further.

In 1982 the Delorean concept was re-worked and re-badged as the Lamborghini Marco Polo. In some of the pictures with the wheel covers removed the original Delorean alloys can be seen.

After 3 variants it still didn’t go into production for any of the suiters, however the overall style did end up on the Citroen CX.


  1. How could the style of this 1980 concept possibly end up on the Citröen CX, in production from 1974 onwards? Especially when Opron's CX was a near line for line remake of Fioravanti's 1967 BMC 1800 design for Pininfarina?



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