Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ashley 1172 GT

Now let’s just start by saying that this was a kit car, Ashley Laminates started producing the 1172 GT body roadster body in 1958 which was design to fit on to a Ford 8 chassis and fitted with a sidevalve engine. In 1959 this was joined with a coupe body like the one below, which sat on a strengthened Ford 10 chassis.

The one below was fitted with a bored out 100e sidevalve engine to 1200cc, with a high lift cam and twin SU carburettors fitted as well as few other tweaks to up the standard 10bhp. This runs through the Ford 10 three speed gearbox. I suppose the engine was whatever the builder wanted to go in.

You have to admit, it looks like a lot of fun to drive. Remember at the time sports cars were not cheap so many bodies of varying style and quality were produced for the home builder, this one though caught my attention. Just look at that stripped down interior and colour coded dashboard. I must admit I thought it was a production vehicle at first.


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