Friday, November 27, 2015

Frazer Metro Tickford

Tickford took the humble family run around of the early 80’s and dramatically combined it with a luxury interior, more power and that sporty body kit. Back in the hot hatch days, what was not to love!!!

So let get down to it, most of the interior was leather clad, including the door cards, new dash and those sports seats. The stereo was also upgraded to match the up market look. Power was also increase from 60bhp to 80bhp with the installation of a weber carburettor, meaning 100mph was now a possibility!!!!

But the big change  though was that body kit and much needed stickers all over it so everyone knew exactly what you were driving and how much you’d spent. Oh yes this thing was expensive, equivalent to a fact to a top spec Ford Capri in the day. Available from 1984-86 only 26 car were produced making it one of the rarest Metro’s today, particularly with the rate the Metro was eaten by rust!!!!!!


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