Thursday, November 19, 2015

Piper GTT/P2

The Piper GTT/P2, now these are essentially the same car with some tweaks to the lights and engine between them. The one below seems to be a combination of the two models with it having the square lights to the rear of the P2 but the bonnet bulge, rather than an air scoop, of the GTT up front.

Piper Cars came out of the Piper Cams company that produced racing upgrades, the GTT came about from being asked to produce a sports GT car body and chassis to run Austin Healy Sprite mechanics and it was debuted at the 1967 Race Car Show.

Now to the car its self, it would be ordered with a specific engine in mind by the purchaser, the chassis would then be built to accommodate and the new owner would put in the engine in to finish it and register it for the road. Engine options ranged from the Austin Healy unit to the Ford Cross flow and suspension from the Cortina 1600GT.

The GTT was produced up till 1971 when the P2 with some body tweaks went in to production. Unfortunately the P2 only stayed in production until 1974 with the final few cars, due to a change in the tax in the UK, now leaving the factory, now locate in Lincolnshire, as complete vehicles. Total numbers of cars produced by Piper, including the race cars and specials, was approximately 90 meaning this is one rare car, the Piper Car Club only has 25 registered cars to put this into some context.

I must admit I do like this car, it just looks so right and is un-mistakably a car of the 60's with that fibreglass body. Just look at those curved doors, I was told by an owner you soon learn to lean over when closing it!!!!!

This is just a plotted history for more information head over to the The Piper Club, which has loads of additional information and pictures-


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