Monday, November 16, 2015

Vauxhall SRV

I recently saw this at this year’s Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show at the NEC. I mean it was just there on a club stand!!!!!! This was Vauxhall’s Special Research Vehicle and was debuted all the way back in 1970 at the Earl’s Court Motor Show.

There’s no denying its striking or the sheer size of it, its huge yet very, very low at 41 inches high. This although looks like a sports car, hell it was intended to lift Vauxhall’s image by aligning it with the successful Le Man’s GT cars of the day, it was in fact a 4 seater GT car. Having had a good look in it I can say is seems to be quite roomy. Some of the unusual features it had were the adjustable pedals and just look at those gauges that open with the door.

Those aerofoils front and rear were also actively controlled to maintain its stability at speed, add to that the dual fuel tanks were used in conjunction again to ensure weight distribution was maintained. The engine was a 2.3ltr mid-mounted slant 4 with fuel injection. Unfortunately the engine and transmission were never developed and the car never drove under its own power. But who cares, just look at it, it must have created one hell of a stir at the time. Just take a look at the additional gauges in the rear.



For more information and concept drawings head over here-


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