Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Arnolt MG

Combining British mechanics and running gear from MG and Italian styling from Betone it was design for an American market. With final assembly and sales handled by the aforementioned Arnolt in Illinois.

Initial production was set to be 200 cars, however through its short production run from 1953 to 54 only 103 were produced and out of those only 67 coupes. The remaining 36 being convertibles. Production was stopped due to a number of reasons, first the MG TD which it took its chassis and mechanics, was being replaced by the MG TF, but also the demand on MG for its cars meant there was no spare capacity to provide the underpinnings to other manufacturers.

There’s no denying it’s a looker, those Italian sweeping line, that well balanced form and oh so recognisable badge and grill up front. However there’s also no denying the sheer quality of its finishing pushing the marque in to a more luxurious market. With 4 seats it was also a full on GT car.

Photos taken from Fantasyjunction.com

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