Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Rover 75 Coupe

There are many, many concepts that were put forward that if put in to production could have turned around the fortunes of Rover. This Coupe concept from 1998 for the 75 is one of those cars and celebrated 100 years of the marque.

At the time Rover was owned by BMW, who were struggling with the brand. If I was honest although the cars were well built and equipped they were generally thought of as cars for the older driver. It doesn’t help that the lineup was dated and had been retrofitted too many times to try and freshen them up. It’s that legacy that stalled any investment. In 1998 the end was in sight for the prop that was BMW, with that on the cards this concept was also built to try and woo alternative suiters. If you know your Rover history this alternative life line forward never really happened and the death of Rover was just dragged out for 5 more years.

Would this car have helped to save Rover if the money was found to put it on to production? I doubt it, but it may have opened up alternative options for investment and given the failing company more time to try and turn its self around. Considering this concept is now some 18years old, it’s worn its lines well, in fact I’d go as far as to say it’s still looks quiet fresh.

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