Thursday, February 11, 2016

Austin Apache

A car based on the Austin 1300 but with the addition of a larger boot and extended restyled front was built by Leyland South Africa for a South African market. It’s used various parts from the before mentioned Austin 1300 as well as the Triumph 2000 and ended up being a similar size to the Triumph Dolomite.

Now remember at the time all of those cars were produced by the same company British Leyland in the UK, making this, like so many other BL cars a parts cars. It was produced from 1971 until 1977 with a minor face lift in 1973. In total more than 21,500 were built in two trim/power version were built the Apache, with 63bhp and the TC with 75bhp from its 1275 A-series engine (the same one fitted to the Mini).

This is a car until recently that I never knew about, with such a low production run in a limited market I imagine it’s also now rare in South Africa.

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