Saturday, April 2, 2016

2016 Manchester Bike Show

Now in its 5th year this show is well in to the swing of things the all the usual suspects in attendance, bike manufacturers, clothing, tools and of cause the bike clubs. However this year there feels like there’s been a shift, the clubs attending did the organizers proud with a massive variety of machinery.

There was, as to be expected, lots of chrome all over the place-




But it was the level of custom machinery everywhere that was most impressive. There seems to be have been a move down this route this year, with many fringe styles showing what they do and impressing everyone. I love the details these guys add to their bikes-









The next big thing was carbon fibre, quite frankly it was everywhere, and that’s no bad thing. Being used on racers to road bikes-


It was also great to see Boom Trikes back at the show again. These monster machines always put a smile on everyone’s face.
I’m also loving the style of some of the new production bikes with more of a street fighter look becoming more prevalent over the last few years.


The introduction or aero on bikes as well was just epic to see-




Highlights of the show, well come on who didn’t spend a decent amount of time taking in the Judge Dredd Lawmaster or the custom alternative parked next to it-





 The other highlight was the Herald stand, mainly because of the fantastic bikes on show that look just so well balanced. But also the value they seemed to be for a good looking scrambler type bike at £3500 for the 250cc. And for me as a non-rider (I know I’m here at a bike show) the 125cc version with that look is a winner as a first bike, if and when I go for my license.

The only downside, and this was my own fault, was time. I only had Saturday afternoon to take it all in and frankly three and half hours just wasn’t enough. Let’s just put it this way, I didn’t get a chance to see the stunt show or any of the riding demonstrations.
A great show and continues to develop and is definitely finding its own certain vibe and it must be a good draw as the number of bikes in the car park despite the usual Manchester weather was really impressive. I’ll leave you with some more pictures, as they say a picture etc



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