Monday, August 8, 2011

VWNW, Tatton Park, Cheshire

Another weekend another car show, the difference this time was I was participating with my car on a club stand, the Scirocco Register no less. This allowed me to spend the whole day at this huge VW event taking in everything at my leisure. From the autojumble (there were bargains to be had, I should know I had a few) to the other club stands, the traders section and show and shine, for a 1 day show there’s a lot to cram in. The variety of cars is huge from all out custom beetles and vans (one with a t-bar roof set up and mid engined) to low and loud modern metal there was something for every part of the VW community.
Even the weather, although threatening to rain, stayed dry no doubt adding to the huge attendance. The absolute winner for me though was not even in the show but spotted in the car park, a Nova, it made my day.

As usual an awesome event that requires the whole day at to truly appreciate, its relaxed atmosphere a credit to the organisers again due to its sheer size.

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