Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Renault 900

Not so much information on this one, it’s a prototype from Renault built in 1959, from what I gather it was fitted with a V8 (built from 2 more conventional V4’s bolted together from another of Renaults models) slung out the back. Yes that is the back and not the bonnet. Its unconventional, looking awkward, almost like it’s backwards and about to tip forward. 

One of the most unusual and “interesting” cars I’ve come across.

From what I’ve found the original gold version had issues with luggage space with access to the boot through the car, the later green car had this problem fixed by moving the V8 forward of the rear axel therefore allowing for a conventional boot access from the rear. It also had a revised rear end with larger lights

A 3rd fastback version was also built.


  1. Which way did it go? This car just twists my brain looking at it. Its as if the car was designed conventionally as a scaled down 1960 Ford Ranch Wagon inspiration, but afterwards, the designers thought they would mix it up a bit by turning the passenger compartment around to face the other direction, and changed the headlights / tail lights around to compensate for the reversed interior and drivetrain. Unique . . .

  2. Renault never made any V4 engines, so I'd imagine the V8 was more likely made from two inline fours... All their engines featured wet cylinder liners, so would be easy to incorporate into a different shape crankcase.

    1. A bit of research has turned up this (translated from French site) "The engine compartment features a V8 at 90 ° carried out by the coupling of two Dauphine motors - hence its displacement of 1.7 litres. The aluminum block and the crankshaft naturally constitute specific parts, while the intake and exhaust manifolds are placed in the centere of the V. Powered by a dual barrel carburetor Weber or Solex brand, the V8 develops about 80 hp." ..... So definitely straight fours.. (The 'Ventoux' engine of 845cc)


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