Thursday, April 3, 2014

PK Jimp

I first saw this at last year’s Classic Car Show at Tatton Park, looking like a shrunken Land Rover my first impression was it was a kit car of some sort. To an extent I was right it was offered in kit form, however it was also sold as a complete vehicle by PK Manufacturing Ltd out of Sandbach.

 In total 67 of these vehicles were produced in the early 80’s, based on the Reliant Kitten / Fox galvanised chassis along with the 40bhp 850cc engine and running gear. Several variants were offered from the pick-up below with optional canvas cover, to vans and Jeep style open top. As you can imagine there are only a handful of these quirky vehicles left and I must admit they do look like a lot of fun.


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  1. can anyone tell me the kerb weight of the reliant jimp please

    1. I just had mine weighed. 630kg with half a tank of fuel.

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