Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Retro Show, Santa Pod

What can I say about the weekend at Santa Pod, sun, racing, drifting and a few beers, awesome just doesn’t do it justice.


Anyway let’s just back the truck up for a minute, until last weekend I’d never been to the Santa Pod Raceway, the best the UK has to offer for drag racing. It’s always been on the bucket list to go but I just haven’t got round to it. Well this year, with a lot of hassle from the Retrobeutes I was not just heading down for a car show in my trusty VW Scirocco, but going for the whole weekend. When I say weekend I mean it, meet time was 8am on Saturday morning before the 155mile drive.

Getting there just after lunch the day before the Retro Show meant I could truly take in this haven of speed, noise and fuel. The Saturday was a set up day that also had a Run What You Brung session running all day, pay your £25 and make as many runs as you can. It was a surprise to see the Fire Force jet car in the queue for its run in prep for the next day show boating but more on that later.


I had a walk round the paddock area which saw teams set up preparing cars for their runs as well as some of the clubs getting their stands ready. The club camping was just behind the main stand on the road to the show area, so most of the afternoon after taking a look round the place was spent sat with a beer watching the cars drive in and running up and down on longboards.

The evening’s entertainment revolved around the onsite bar with bands playing and the fair ground, where else can you drive around like a nutter after several beers trying to hit your mates, the dodgems that’s where


The following day was the day of the show, and what a show. Retro is a far reaching reference which meant a massive mix of makes, styles and age. From the ultra low Mini Clubman Estate with MX5 underpinnings.

To the V8 MGB GT doing runs up the strip,

As with most of the retro scene though modifying was everywhere from subtle drops and wheels.

To full out body and engine changes,

The rear Beetle powered Ford Popular rat rod was a particular favorite of mine.

Then there's the Show and Shine.

And the best of the rest.



The variety was epic resulting in several conversions on our club stand of “how much is one of those” and “would love one of them” before going on ebay

Let’s not forget the out and out drag cars that were littered around the paddock and could be heard tearing up the strip throughout the day.

And the track was open for all comers which meant a mix of standard metal of people just wanting to experience the quarter mile to purpose built road racers.

Which leads us to the star of the show the Fire Force drag car, seeing it pull onto the track a mate of mine turned to me and said “so you’re going to take photos of it going down the strip are you, you won’t make the first 100 yards before dropping your camera and covering your ears” having never seen or heard a jet drag car I thought “it can’t be that load”. Let’s just put it this was I only got pictures of the start and we’ll leave it there.

Also at the show was a round of the Retro Drift Championship, which combines the best of drift with oldskool cars and shredded tyres, perfect.


Oh also forgot the Retro car park, again with a massive mix of cars.

What an awesome event and place helped with the fact the sun was out, a real credit to the organizers. Everywhere you turned you say something cool either parked up or driving past and to top it off the Retrobeutes club stand I was on won Best Stand of the show. It’s already on the calendar for next year.

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