Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ultimate Dubs 2015

An early start to a Sunday saw me heading down to the Telford Convention Centre for what’s deemed the opener for the Volkswagen show season, where the cars built over the winter months first see the light of day. Now this isn’t a show I’d been to before so I didn’t really know what to expect when I arrived at the already full car park at 8am!!!!

After parking up in the local multi-storey, a bargain for only £1, I headed back over to the carpark which was split in to two parts, general parking (we’ll get back to that later) and club outdoor parking. With clubs rolling on and cleaning and detailing cars while the early arrivers walked round waiting for the doors to open-

 As with most shows the general car park can also be well worth a walk round with some outstanding cars-



I joined the end of the very long queue at just gone 9am and to be fair was in about 25 minutes later which just showed how well managed it was. But to keep you entertained on the shuffle in there were a selection of cars in the foyer, with a good mixture-


Loved the VR6 Mk2 golf, but the low Land Rover was just awesome with such detail, any way this is meant to be Ultimate DUB’s so let’s get in the show.


In a nut shell, Stance in the word for this show, big wheels, low and air-ride. Although this is probably a dis-service for the effort it take to build some of these cars. So let’s get the wheels out of the way, there were some epic choices-



As well as the usual luxury marque wheels fitted to a variety of VW’s-



And if you can’t afford real ones, why not be cheeky-


Wheel of the show for me, well you can tell I’m a child of the 80’s, but these were stunning-


Now that’s out of the way, the mix of cars was better than I was expecting-


One thing that really grabbed me was the number of Mk3 Scirocco’s that were there, and damn they look fantastic on air with large wheels-


But there were loads surprises, the dropped Amarok, the audacity of it!!!!


The carbon fibre Jetta drag car (to be honest it took me a few minute to work out what it was)-


Now let’s not forget the boot installs for all that air and not to mention the sound systems, the detail on some was just fantastic-


Who puts and Audi R8 on air? But the install was something else-

So that’s the air, wheels, and boot installed sorted, now let’s get to the front and the engine bays. As you’d expect there were engine swaps as well as detailed and smoothed bays-



One stand definitely took the engine transplant to a new levels, the cars on the Santa Pod Raceway stand, let’s start with what seemed to be at the very least a rear wheel drive Lupo and at best four wheel drive-


And the 700+bhp Scirocco with Audi TT all-wheel drive fitted and with a change of tyres potentially road legal-


From what I was told the organisers had done their best to squeeze in more cars and clubs which gave more opportunity to mix things up a little but on occasion meant pedestrian congestion!!!!!
The one thing I wasn’t expecting was how big this show was, covering 3 large halls and a walk way, oh and the perfect bar that had four or so Mk2 Golf Rallye’s parked in it-

A great day, with a great mix of cars, styles and the outdoor over spill car club area really added to the whole day.

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